DIY: Faux Fur Bench

So lately I've been obsessed with interior decorating and furniture shopping. Organizing and decluttering my life and things have been an on going project for me since the new year. It could be that I'm maturing and the values in my life are changing or simply because I've gotten to a point where I have WAY too much stuff. So I've had my eye on a faux fur bench for a while now but never got around to getting one because of their hefty price tag; Instead I decided to DIY my own.

There's just something about faux fur that adds an instant glam to anything, whether it be for an outfit, a pair of shoes or in this case furniture. Continue reading as I show you how I created this super easy faux fur bench with simply 5 materials. 

-Old bench/stool *it doesn't have to be old just anything that needs updating
-Faux fur
-Spray paint

Step One: Prep the Frame
Remove the cushion from the frame. This specific one comes off with a couple of screws which made it super easy to remove. Next wipe down the frame and prep to spray paint. Spray the frame with short even coats. I ended up using 2 cans of the krylon gold spray paints

Step Two: Cover the Cushion
Position the seat cushion in the middle of the faux fur so that there is enough fur to cover the entire seat. (Optional) If your seat cushion has a dust cover you can remove it or simply just staple the fur over it. Start with the sides pull the faux fur over the seat and make sure there is no bubbling in the fabric. When you get to the corners, cut all access fabric and then staple. The plus side about working with faux fur is that you can't really see any over laps since the fur just covers everything.

Step Three: Assemble
If you took the dust cover off, simply just staple it back on so the bottom of the cushion looks clean. Attach the cushion back on to the frame and T-A-D-A you are done! Now you're $40 DIY looks like a million bucks!