How to travel 5 countries in 2 weeks

Travelling is fun but yet super exhausting especially if you are travelling 5 countries in just over 2 weeks. As I've mentioned in my "How to pack for Asia" post, when my family and I travel we try and hit multiple countries while making our way back to Malaysia. Not only do we hit different landmarks and experience different cultures, we also make the most out of our flight ticket to Asia. I don't know about you but sitting on a plane for 14+ hours means I am making the trip worth while.

Since there is a lot to cover about my trip I'll be splitting the post in 2 parts - the first trips on country hopping, the second all about Bali trip. I'll try not to bore you to death with day to day activities but instead share tips I've learned about making this type of trip and how to survive it. For this specific trip I travelled to Hong Kong, Macau, Bali, Malaysia and Thailand. I accomplished this with 7 plane rides in just over 2 weeks.

Do your research and know your itinerary
When you have so many places to hit it is super important to plan each day. It also helps with planning out your outfits. For example I knew that I would be visiting 3 beach and a temple on one of the days while I was in Bali. So for that day I wore my bikini underneath a flowy dress and sandals. This way if i got wet it would be easier to dry off. Knowing your itinerary also means no surprises like wearing flip flops when you are planning on hiking up a volcano.

Get your sleep
I know that trying to sleep properly on a plane is not the easiest and most comfortable thing but I can't stress enough that the trick to avoiding jet lag is to get your sleep while on the plane. If sleeping on the plane is not an option then I would suggest fighting it off till it is bedtime at your new destination.

Know People
Lucky for me besides Bali, all the other destinations I had either family or friends which was really helpful in exploring the city. Not only do locals know the best places for food, photos, experiences they also know how much certain things should cost. Trust me this saves you a lot of time and money.

Leave room for delays
Delays are never fun. They are be the biggest waste of time and sometimes can be a waste of money. On our last Asia trip in 2016 because of a plane delay my dad had actually missed his flight from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur which cost us a good $800 cad to buy a ticket on the spot. And because we had booked two separate airlines there was technically nothing we could do. So lesson learned, if you are going to be flying out with two different airlines leave at least a day in between flights so something like this doesn't happen.

Relax and Enjoy
Lastly, remember that you are on vacation so do to take the time to relax and enjoy the moment. Plans are never set in stone (unless you have a plane to catch) so if things don't work out accordingly be flexible and move your schedule around.

If you guys are interested in more travel tips or specific places I've been to let me know. Remember you can also contact me via instagram @jeannieyeoh or email :)