Teami Blends 30 Day Detox Review

Whether it be in food, drinks or beauty products teas have always proven to have great benefits toward our bodies. As much as I am a coffee drinker, I like to switch to having a tea in the afternoon as a better alternative. Tea still give me the caffeine I need to get me through the rest of the day without taking a toll on my body. Thanks to the team at Teami I received the 30 day detox pack to review. 

The 30 day detox pack comes with 2 teas - Teami Skinny and Teami Colon and a mini 30 day calendar to follow. They also sent me a cute little strainer for the skinny tea leaves. The directions are simple - Drink the Teami Skinny tea every morning preferably before breakfast and the Teami Colon tea every other night right before bed. The Teami Skinny is meant to wake up the body and start boosting your metabolism right away while the Teami Colon is there to cleanse heavy toxins in your body.

I have a really hectic schedule juggling a full time 9-5 job during the week, growing my wedding planning business (which i am currently taking clients for 2016) and blogging every second in between so you can imagine how much energy consumption is required for all 3 of these things. I've been on the cleanse for about a week now and I do feel more energized. I find because of this cleanse I am more likely to make healthier choices and I also love that they have recipes available on their site.

This specific 30 day detox pack retails for $49.99 here So far, the cleanse is pretty good; the teas have become apart of my daily routine and they do exactly what they claim to do. I will write an updated post after the 30 days of my full experience so remember to check back :)