What's in my weekend travel bag

Did you know it requires 1500 hours to become an airline pilot? Neither did I until I started dating my boyfriend. It is not as simple as switching on the auto pilot on a 450 ton airplane and expecting to have lunch in Paris in the next 7 hours. I've actually learned a lot about avaition and weather after dating this guy but personal business aside, Let's get back to the real reason why I am writing this post. The real reason for this post is that of the many weekend flying trips we take, I think I've become a master at packing light and packing right. We are doing another trip to Montreal this weekend and I though I'd show you guys what's in my usual getaway bag. Keep in mind, weight is a major factor while travelling on a small plane. That's it for now, follow via instagram for more updates ^_^

If i could i would bring this little guy with me too...


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