Grey on replay

With summer coming to an end and almost every store having transitioned into their fall collection, i too have updated the palette in my closet. Not like I don't already own and wear a lot of black, greys and white I found myself reaching more for it during the cooler days just as I have done below. The neutrals are less Waking up to a chilly morning makes me want to do nothing but lounge around in a comfy sweater and because the weather warms back up to the mid 20s in the afternoon a pair of shorts is the perfect compliment. As i mentioned on my instagram (@jeannieyeoh) as much as i love summer, it is about time sweater weather takes over. 

What's in my weekend travel bag

Did you know it requires 1500 hours to become an airline pilot? Neither did I until I started dating my boyfriend. It is not as simple as switching on the auto pilot on a 450 ton airplane and expecting to have lunch in Paris in the next 7 hours. I've actually learned a lot about avaition and weather after dating this guy but personal business aside, Let's get back to the real reason why I am writing this post. The real reason for this post is that of the many weekend flying trips we take, I think I've become a master at packing light and packing right. We are doing another trip to Montreal this weekend and I though I'd show you guys what's in my usual getaway bag. Keep in mind, weight is a major factor while travelling on a small plane. That's it for now, follow via instagram for more updates ^_^

If i could i would bring this little guy with me too...

The Golden Hour

The Golden Hour in photography is known as the short period of time before the sunset and shortly after sunrise. Also known as the magic hour this time frame is ideal for shooting where the lighting is less harsh and makes just about everything glow. With a busy schedule it is not often that I get to plan my shoots around this time, however lucky for me yesterday I was able to capture the golden moment. 

Still taking full advantage of the warm weather I decided to stroll the streets in a classic two piece silhouette. With our extra long winters and super short summers I try to get as much use out of my crop tops as possible; not to mention I got a bunch while Aritzia was having their you snooze you lose sale. They are the type of basic items where it doesn't hurt to have too many. Paired with a yellow midi skirt and off I go to enjoy the rest of the night. 

First Step

Happy Thursday my loves! I didn't realize it's been almost a month since my last post. Sorry guys! Some of you may already know that I have recently launched my wedding planning business, between that my full-time job and blogging here at Left in Pink it can get pretty crazy. Although being a full time wedding planner and blogger is ideal, I'm not quite there yet and so sadly, the full-time is going to have to stick around. Fingers crossed, hopefully in a year or two it will be less full time and more weddings and blogging. On to another topic, I got some new colour this past weekend with the help of a great friend. we spent 2 days bleaching, toning and dying my hair to be the lovely purple you see below. It is worth it? Ya maybe. Would i do it again? Probably not haha. I think I might be getting too old for extreme colours.

Also on topic of hair, I have teamed up with Tangle Teezer for a giveaway via Instagram. The rules are simple, all you have to do is
1. Follow @tangleteezeruk and @jeannieyeoh
2. Like and Tag 2 friends in the photo.

Until next time, enjoy the rest of your week :)