WMCFW: Day 2

On Day 2, I was able to attend 4 shows: Narces, Vawk, Melissa Nepton and David Dixon. The 4 collections were good but nothing really stood out to me. Narces consisted of playful evening wear with a black, red, ivory and gold palette. Designer Sunny Fong of Vawk decided to have a bit more fun with this collection as he drew inspiration from the popular animation "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs". Next Melissa Nepton's collection featured oversized coats, relaxed jackets and a handkerchief skirt in soft pastels. I must say, her coats looked so warm and cosy I would love to have one on a coat winter day. 

Wrapping up Day 2 was David Dixon with a strong black and white collection featuring corsets and bustiers. It looked as if he was inspired by armor and warriors as every model that strutted down the runway looked very empowered. The designer also celebrated his 20th anniversary with a short clip at the beginning. 

Photos via George Pimentel
I decided to attend Day 2 of World Mastercard Fashion Week with a pop of colour. I love the contrast of yellow against grey; there is no gender distinction with yellow either being too girly or masculine and it adds freshness. I let the skirt be the centre of attention and so everything else that was paired with it was a neutral