Review: Queen B Official

I'm sure many of you have noticed the increasing trend of living a healthier balanced lifestyle. Espeically with all those picture perfect instagram posts you cant' help but want to positively alter your life. One of the trends I've noticed has been the popularity of natural detox teas; whether it be for weight management (seemingly the most popular), skincare, sleep etc. more and more people are interested in their benefits.

I received my first package of detox tea from Queen B Official which is a company based out of Melbourne, Australia. Their aim is to discover, share and pass on health benefits to people worldwide. The company offers a wide range of carefully selected teas to help battle many common health issues. Their teas are broken up into 4 categories: Weight management, Skin, PMS/Menopause and Sleep. I received the 20 day complexion cleanse and I'm actually sipping on mine right now as i write this post.

Queen B claims: this is a caffeine free tea with ingredients specially chosen to help replenish collagen and elastin back into the skin and to air in the elimination of pimples, acne, blemishes, dry skin and scare tissue repair. This is perfect because during the winter here in Canada our skin can get really dry and coarse. The tea comes in two sizes $24.00 for 20 days and $65.00 for 60 days. You are to infuse 1 teaspoon in a cup with 200ml boiling water for up to 8 minutes. I personally found this size to be a bit small but that is because i am a tea drinker and generally drink larger amounts, however if tea isn't you thing then this a good size that comes with skincare benefits.

My initial thought of this tea is that it tastes like unsweetened chrysanthemum tea. The taste didn't bother me much as i just added honey to sweeten it. Just one cup of tea a day whenever it is convenient, in my case I drank one before bed each night. I noticed my skin cleared up throughout my 20 day cleanse and overall I am pretty satisfied with the results. I would recommend giving Queen B teas a try. You can shop the whole collection here.

**Disclaimer: This product is sponsored for review purposes and the review is the sole opinion of myself and does not represent the sponsoring company in anyway.