Review: Jealous Body Scrub Coconut + Coffee

Coffee scrubs have become quiet popular over instagram lately and I couldn't help but wonder if they are worth all the hype. My curiosity was satisfied when I received my first coffee scrub from a company called Jealous Body Scrub last week.

This Vancouver based company is different from other coffee scrubs because it is the only all-natural coffee based body scrub. The scrub is made of all natural ingredients such as premium Robusta coffee grounds, cold pressed coconut oil, raw brown sugar, sea salt, vitamin E and minerals. There are no added fragrances or chemicals and because of this it smelt exactly like how i expected it to - Coffee. It retails at $17.95 (CAD) with free shipping within Canada and USA and $3.95 anywhere else in the world. Like most coffee scrubs, Jealous does get messy but I'd trade that for soft skin any day.

The instruction says to apply 2-3 scoops on wet/damp skin and scrub in circular motions. I felt that the coffee grinds gently exfoliated without being too harsh on my body and face. I left the scrub on for about 15-20 minutes and I noticed immediate results. My skin felt smoother and softer and not to mention the lovely coffee aroma that sticks around. The 200g package is good to last up to six months after opening, however I believe the scrub will be long gone before then.

I definitely will be adding Jealous Body Scrub to my list of regular skincare products and would recommend giving this coffee scrub a try. Jealous Body Scrub is currently only sold online. So go ahead, lets make others Jealous.....

**Disclaimer: This product was sponsored for review purposes and the review is the sole opinion of myself and does not represent the sponsoring company in anyway.