The Weekend

Hi everyone, I know it's been a while since i've posted up an outfit. This is actually my first fashion post of 2015 yay! Well I hope you guys are all enjoying the new year and keeping up with those new year resolutions...if you aren't there's always next years ^_^ haha kidding, please do try to keep up with them as it is still pretty early in the year. 

Speaking about the new year, I've been pretty busy with work and getting my wedding planning business all set up. I assisted my first wedding over the weekend and honestly, it was the best feeling ever. Although it can get crazy sometimes managing people on such an important day it is also very rewarding. The bride was amazing, didn't stress about anything and really just enjoyed her special day. And so, Sunday I was able to take sometime out of my schedule to do a shoot. Hope you guys like it and hope you all have a wonderful week :)