Review: Punky Colour in Plum

Hi guys! I have another review to share with you today. I've gotten really bored of my hair and decided it was time for a change. 

About: Punky Colour by Jerome Russell is a "semi-permanent conditioning hair colour" that comes in a wide range of vibrant colours anything from spring green to flamingo pink. This is actually the second time I've used Punky Colour and i really like it because it does not require any peroxide and so does not damage my hair. I would say it is much more like a colour deposit rather than a dye. The colour deposit  comes in a 100ml tube that looks much like something you would find in an art store. It retails for $10.95 at Toronto Barber and Beauty Supply but it is also available online through Amazon and other online retailers.

Process: The colour I bought is "plum" which is a rich purple. The product actually smells like a grape popsicle! I'm not sure if they all smell like that or if it's just because it is purple and a coincidence. Unlike other hair colour products punky colour is applied to clean dry hair. I applied it with a tinting brush and left it in for 45 minutes. The directions suggests anywhere from 15-30 minutes but I wanted the colour to really soak in. After that I rinsed my hair and wash as normal.

Result: The purple turned out darker than i personally wanted but that was my own laziness. I should have mixed it with a white conditioner to lighten it but it is still a very rich purple. It is of course much brighter in the light and my hair doesn't feel damaged or dry. The direction says that the colour may last up to 40 washes but that depends on hair type, condition and also how often it is being washed. But remember it is semi permanent so the up side is that you can change your hair colour as often as you like :) Have any of you guys tried Punky Colour by Jerome Russell and what are your thoughts?

Tip: add a little bit of the hair colour in your daily conditioner to make your colour last longer.