I'm so happy it is already mid week tomorrow with only 3 more days to go! This summer has been full of adventures for me as I've been filling up my weekends with plans up until mid August with cottages, barbecues and just bonding time with family and friends. I think the fact that summer didn't really start till later this year that every sunny day counts. Next thing you know we'll be back up in layers. I'm already seeing fall trends for 2014 in magazines and it's making me so sad :(

But anyways, enough about that...this past weekend my boyfriend and i decided to make a trip up to Bruce Peninsula but instead of driving for 4.5 hours, we decided to fly. It was a win win situation considering he needed to gain his hours as a pilot and we were able to make a weekend trip out of it. Plus we saved 3 hours in travelling time because our total flight time was only 1.5 hours. The weekend was pretty much perfect except the fact that we slept through a 6 hour thunderstorm which flooded our tent and everything in it, had no option of a car rental at the airport and pretty much had to bike our way around. (seriously, it wasn't as bad as it sounds...lol)  All in all it was a great experience out of both our comfort zones and i told him that i swear to never go through this again.

The park itself is simply breathtaking and i highly recommend visiting for those willing to pull through with the 4 and a half hour drive. There's definitely lots to do (scuba diving, boat cruise, tree trekking) and lots to see (The grotto) but because of our limited mode of transportation we could only go so far. I would honestly love to visit this place again...but this time with a car.