Carnival Lane Launch

Besides all the countless hours sitting in front of my laptop trying to perfect a post, one of the up sides of being a fashion blogger is being able to work with various brands. I've been working with the team at Carnival Lane to help promote the new launch of their brand by coordinating some outfits with their jewelry. Because of the simplicity of the designs, the jewelry is very versatile. The brand is created around the idea of beautiful goods that inspire everyday living. This is such a great concept as I know we all have such busy schedules that a lot of us tend to forget the little things in life.  

"At Carnival Lane, we believe that you deserve the little things that enrich everyday living: whether it's the T-shirt print that made you laugh, the painting that inspired you to go exploring, or finding that beautiful piece of jewelry you're going to wear every day."

So in celebration of their launch, Carnival Lane is doing a giveaway via instagram @carnivallane and you can find more details on there on how to win this Tiny Horn Lariat. Good Luck ^_^


  1. great look! awesome shades!


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