My everyday.

I've gotten a few requests about my day-to-day make up essentials and i figured why not let you guys in on the secret. Well it's not much of a secret considering I'm not a beauty expert but i do have my favourites. I have sensitive skin so i try to keep my make up to a minimal, it also doesn't help because of  the fact that most of the time i am in a rush to get out of the house in the morning. (I know i really got to stop doing that and give myself more time). Anyways, so here is what I've been loving lately.

BB Cream: I didn't have a good experience initially with BB cream so i kind of stirred clear of them until i tried the Too Faced tinted beauty balm. Let me tell you, i love this tinted moisturizer, it's light weight, blends really well into the skin without feeling sticky and it also has SPF 20 which is a bonus. 

Powder: After my BB cream i apply a light layer of my Benefits Hello Flawless powder foundation just to cover up any missed area. I like that it's buildable so it gives me the coverage i need depending on where I'm going and it doesn't dry me out. 

Blush: My currently using the Smashbox blush rush in paradise. I find it gives me a nice glow to my olivey skin tone. I actually switched over from the Benefits Coralista because it was a bit cheaper and the colours are pretty similar. Using my small stippling brush from Make up forever again i apply a light layer around my cheeks. 

Eyeliner: I would say that I'm an old fashion kind of girl and i still stick to pencil eyeliners. I don't really have a favourite as long as it's the blackest black; currently I'm finishing up Make up For ever in matte black. Pencils just work better for me and are easier to apply. I'm also a big fan of gel liners because they are very long lasting and precise but i don't know why i never use them even though i have a lot. Maybe after all my 50 million eye pencils I'll get to them (yes I'm a hoarder)

Lips: I'm extremely picky with lip products as i don't like anything that's too glossy, sticky or has any plumping effect. I noticed for spring that orange and purple seems to be quite popular and so i decided to give them a try. Let me tell you, Too Faced melted lipstick in melted violet and M.A.C in morange are perfect on Asian skin if you are looking for something fun for summer. 

I hope this helped answer some common questions and I'll talk to you guys next time :)