Travel Diary: Sincerely, lace

After 3 weeks of travelling asia and visitng family, I'm finally back home. I expected the weather to be much warmer when i got back but it's still freezing in Toronto :(

But anyways, going back to my trip, I made 5 stops in 3 different countries in 3 weeks. I was litereally  living out of my suitcase the whole time. My first stop was Bangkok, Thailand. I stayed in Bangkok for 3 days and to be honest, the city surprised me. There was a lot more to do and see than i expected. With my trusty uncle as my tour guide and he took me to the floating market, elephant rides, the night market and we even got a chance to take the tuk tuk. Let me tell you, that is my new favourite way of transportation. It's cheap, fast and very conveinence. It was also pretty amazing to see how the drivers weave through traffic during rush hour. At some point i thought we would take out someones mirror or something.

I spent the rest of my time in Thailand shopping at Terminal 21 (which i highly recommend going if you ever decide to make a stop in Bangkok) and last but not least, got my thai massage :) I'll update you more on my trip in my next post. But for now... sleep! ^_^