#listentome, don't sweat the small stuff  and enjoy your saturday ^_^

The pink coat II

With all the holidays and my birthday and me being sick for a wek has really taken my time away from blogging. I haven't gotten around to taking pictures and i feel a bit guilty; i guess it's cause blogging has become such an important part of my life that it almost seems weird to not be blogging. Well anyways, i'm so totally obsessed with my pink coat and couldn't help doing another shoot with it. 

The pink coat

For my 25th birthday my boyfriend decided to surprise me with a trip to Montreal. I had a feeling we were going to go away but i just didn't know where. And so, we left bright and early (3am) Saturday morning and after a good 6.5 hours with 3 pit stops we made it downtown Montreal. Although the weather was extremely cold we still had a great time. I didn't get to do as much shopping as i anticipated but we got to see a lot of the parts of the city. They had some event at the old port so that was also a bonus. ^_^

Nothing's better than to warm up with a cup of hot chocolate :)

Let us begin again

It's funny how at the beginning of a new year everyone is so energized and motivated, everyone makes new year resolutions and strives to keep them just to see them go out the window 3 months later. I know I'm guilty for that as year after year i make all these goals and just stare at them on my wall. But this year I'm serious about trying to keep them and although I don't have a firm list yet i know blogging will be one of my top 5. Shopping less and saving will be a bonus but new experiences will be a goal for the year to come. 

Again, i want to thank you guys (both old and new followers) for letting me sprinkle a little magic into your lives and hope that you will join me for another year full of great memories :)

What are some of your new years resolutions?