Let's break the rules

I love the combination of a chunky sweater and a skirt. It's very simple and comfortable and looks great on all types of body shapes. If you are like me and love to go out after work this is also a great day to night outfit. The weather in Toronto is slowly getting colder and soon it'll be nothing but chunky sweaters and knit scarfs, but hey who's complaining when they keep us so cosy and warm. 

Autumn wine

When it comes to doing my hair my straightener is my best friend. I believe most or even all of my outfit posts up to this point I have had straight hair. For this shoot however, i'd thought i'd try something different and decided to curl my hair. What do you guys think for a first timer??

Anyways I thought the basic jersey skirt really complimented the floral top and made this look extra girly. Happy sunday :)