Left in pink X Lingerie Francaise Exhibition 2013

Hi guys, sorry I've been lazy for the past week and kinda neglected my blog but no worries, I'm back :)

So last Wednesday I was invited to the Lingerie Francaise opening cocktail party held at the Design Exchange. Making stops in many cities around the world, this exhibit is now on tour in Toronto. On till Sunday October 13th, this exhibit takes you through the history of French lingerie and illustrates the evolution of bras and panties. The exhibit begins with historic corsets in the late 1800's all the way up to the 21st century. What I found most interesting was that prior to using hooks, buttons were used to close bras. Now can you imagine trying to button and unbutton your bra every time you change? 

Over all it was an enjoyable night mingling with others over good wine and small treats. If you're in Toronto and have the time I highly recommend going, oh and plus...admission is free ^_^

Now how comfortable does that look....


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