Christian Louboutin Exhibition

Hey guys I'm super excited to share with you my experience at the Christian Louboutin Exhibition in Toronto. Held at the Design Exchange, the exhibit celebrates the 20th year of the iconic French shoe designer Christain Louboutin who continues to push the boundaries of high fashion shoe design. For $22 a ticket, the exhibition takes you to various parts of his career where you can see his creative mind at work. My favourite part was the carousel right at the entrance that displayed his heels from around the world. The exhibition is on till September 15th and if you love shoes as much as i do i highly recommend going.

It was an amazing experience and the exhibition really does capture the essense of the man behind the red bottoms. 

"A shoe has so much more to offer than just to walk" - Christian Louboutin

Original content from his shop in Paris

"High heels are pleasure with pain" - Christian Louboutin