Let's be transparent

I got this pretty floral skirt from the sample sale at work and instantly i knew i was gonna have fun with it. It has so many playful colours that i thought would be perfect for summer, or atleast what is suppose to be summer weather here in Toronto. I really hope the weather will warm up soon so i can start planning my summer trips!

Oh and p.s. a super easy and super quick diy at the end if you are interested in my floral shades. Enjoy! ^_^

Literally 20 sec diy::
-Flowers (or in my case i used flower earrings from Forever 21, im sure you can find at any other accessories/craft place)
-Hot glue gun

-using wire cutters, i snipped off the backing of the earrings
Step 2::
-squeeze hot glue to backing and attach to corners of the sunglasses...tada! you're done