Daddy's little girl

First off i just want to wish all dads a very Happy Father's Day. One day is really not enough for us to show you how much we appreciate all that you do. So here on my blog i just want to thank you Daddy Yeoh. :) 

It's been a while since i've had a Sunday like this. Just spending some quality time with my family and of course having the time to work on my blog. I had yet another sample sale at work and found this tribal-like print skirt. I knew instantly that it would be the statement of my outfit. So i went along with the black and white colour scheme and paired it with a black crop top and a statement necklace. 

Also if you guys follow me on instagram you would have seen my shoutout to Candies gifts for sending me two really cute iphone cases. Candies gift is a lifestyle brand that was founded by Oracle Gifts limited in 2007. The brand is focused on making product design as their first prioirty while really taking the word FUN to the next level. You can really tell by their cellphone designs that has swept the asian market from Hong Kong to Korea to Taiwan. I absolutely love my Candies case and i'm so glad to be able to share it with my North American readers ^_^