Levi's x LB Global Style Party

Hey guy if you follow me on instagram you would already know that i attended the Levi's x LB Global Style Party last Thursday. First off let me tell you that honestly Lookbookers really know how to party. The event was open bar (yay!!) and served fresh osyters and sushi all night long. They even had a signature drink called the lookbook which was a mix of vodka, honey and other stuff. haha, ya i really wish i found out because it was a really good drink, sweet and very refreshing. 

The event was held at the Drake hotel hosted by the winners of the Levi's 501 Lookbook contest Rachel-Marie from Jag Lever and Elle from Elle Frost. I had a really great time hanging out with them and it was honestly a great experience meeting other fellow Toronto fashion bloggers. Thanks Lookbook for the invite and i look forward to more events in the future ^_^ 

Elle Frost - Winner of DIY Levi's 501 with her pokadot jeans

DIY station to customize your own jeans

Tailoring station to get your jeans altered