Take me to town

After coming back from hong kong and spending all the money that i spent, i still feel like i didnt spend enough. I'm sure many of you understand and feel the same way, I mean you're on vacation right? Of course you'd shop like no tomorrow =] 

Anyways, so i came across these tights while i was in hong kong and thought they were pretty interesting. I decided to go with a black and white palette and accessorize like crazy. I honestly can't stop buying gold jewellery heehee ^_^ 

What's your favourite way to wear black and white??

Hong Kong part 1

Through all the rain and humidity I had during my 2 weeks in Hong Kong, i was lucky enough to see the sun for a day...yes one day out of sixteen that i was in gone. Well it's not that the rain really stopped me from shopping and all, it was still annoying. I remember the day clearly, it was on a Saturday after my boyfriend and i had breakfast we went to play some ball and i saw my shadow! I probably looked like some crazy girl smiling on the ball court but you can't blame me, after ten straight days of rain it was about time i got some sunshine. ^_^

A glimpse of Hong Kong

Hey guys, as mentioned in my previous post i was on vacation in Hong Kong and i'm finally back. I got back on Wednesday and was back at work on Thursday so that's probably the main reason why i'm still pretty much jet lagged. Anyways here is a glimpse of my trip and i promise full details will follow once i'm back up and running ^_^ Definitely lots and lots of eating and i am now officially fat, tired and broke :)

The famous Hong Kong skyline.. too bad it was so foggy
Hong Kong street food...

...And how can you forget HK desserts!!

In Macau at the wishing crystal lobby at Galaxy hotel

And of course my Hong Kong beauty/fashion haul