How to:: 4 step packing list

I'm off on another adventure guys ^_^ I wanted to do a short post of how i packed for my trip to Hong Kong. I'm actually in Hong Kong now as i'm writing this post and i'm super excited to shop, eat and play. Since i have limited access to the internet i'll probably be mia for a few weeks but don't worry, i'll keep you guys posted! 

These include all travel documents, passport, emergency contact, personal stuff, camera etc. I always carry these items with me either in my purse or carry on, i know it's pretty common sense but i've lost  my luggage once, always carry your essentials with you. 

Because I can’t bring everything in your closet (although I wish I had some special purse that could hold everything I needed without weighting a ton) I always want to bring layers. Especially if I am going somewhere where the weather isn't predictable it’s good to dress in layers. Layering also gives me options to mix and match.

Next on my list are accessories; I try to keep to simple ones that would basically go with any outfit. The good thing about accessories is that they are small and easy to carry. I wrapped my long necklaces in tissue paper and then put everything in a jewellery box. This way my necklaces don't become a huge tangled mess when i go to wear them.

My biggest problem everytime…I always somehow happen to over pack with my shoes. My last trip to Orlando I was gone for 4 days and I packed 4 pairs of shoes. Haha yes I know a bit extreme but again you never know. Since I plan on doing a lot of shopping during this trip not over packing is crucial! I packed a pair of basic heels, sneakers, flats, and sandals. 

So there you have it, hope this helps. I'll see you guys soon ^_^


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