Let me take you out

It's date night again! So my boyfriend and i decided that we would each take turns monthly choosing a different restaurant around Toronto to take each other out on dates. To be honest there's actually a lot more of Toronto that we haven't explored yet because most of the time we stick to what we know and that's about it. i know.. total fail. -_-" 

And so the good things about this new routine is that... 
1. takes the stress off my boyfriend a bit from always having to plan dinners 
2. there's always something to look forward to monthly
3. we get to try new places together
4. and lastly, another excuse for me to dress up ^_^ heehee

Anyways, so for my turn this month i decided to take advantage of winterlicious. I initially wanted to try Lee's, but because i'm such a newbie i called a few days before and the only time slot they gave me was 10pm on Saturday. Total fail again.... so I ended up making reservations at Benihana, a japanese teppanyaki steakhouse located inside the Fairmount Royal York hotel. My overall opinion? service was good, food was good but it wasn't anything extreme compared to other teppanyaki places that i've been to.

Did any of you go out for winterlicious? 
Are there any good restaurants that you would suggest?

i'm a bit camera shy...

Buffalo top | Forever 21 blazer | Spring booties | Banana Republic clutch 


  1. I love the red on you! Red is such a great color for you! ;) I nominated you for the Liebster Award ;) Visit my blog and look for the Liebster Award post for details



  2. Looking good lady!

  3. Beautiful!

    xx MJ

  4. Going out is the best stress relief :) Such a fun outfit and I love your hair, pretty and sleek! www.moiminnie.blogspot.com x


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