A change from Toronto

So it's the end of the world they say?? well good thing i was able to do some shopping before this crisis occured, haha just kidding. So as i sit here in my room looking out my frosty window I hope oh so much that there will be little snowflakes to cover my roof top just in time for Christmas....and then i think back of how just last week i was in t-shirts and shorts crusing around in a convertiable.

The weather was so beautiful in Orlando, Florida and even though the christmas spirit was present with deocrations and christmas songs it felt nothing like it. I was so happy to be able to bring out my summer clothes again, and yes that's how a lot of Canadians feel when the winter weather hits; Any chance of not having to layer up is a win! On a side note you can also follow me on instagram now to see my daily adventures. Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas everyone 

my shepard's pie at the 3 broomsticks ^_^

Of course i had to do some shoppping and yes i am a HUGE harry potter fan ^_^

Not only is the weather in Orlando perfect for outdoor pictures they also have really nice photoshoot areas. I found this really cool graffiti wall for my background but i totally forgot to take a picture of the wall itself. Wish we had more of these in toronto that are more accessible.

Forever 21 top, shorts & moustache necklace | MK tote | JC plays | Asos bracelets

Mossing around

Ever have those days where you want to do something but really all you want to do is just moss around? Well it was Sunday, both my boyfriend and i were feeling the same way so we decided to try out the slr. Luckily for us it was pretty warm, wet but still warm enough for us to take pictures without having my winter jacket to cover up everything. ^_^

Personally next to black and navy, I love the versatility of oxblood. It is formal enough for the office but casual enough for a day like this. Also can you tell how much i love my JC plays?? heehee. The hidden heel gives me a little boost while still looking casual. The only thing i have to becareful about is that they have absolutely no grip at all! and trust me the wet weather we've been getting lately isn't helping. 

Aritzia lace top | Forever 21 blazer & leggings | Aldo purse | Asos bracelets | Little burgundy rings | JC sneakers