Moving along

I really wanted to get these pictures in before the sun went down today since it was such a perfect day for a photoshoot...But there's nothing that a little post editing can't fix. heehee. I admit when i first started my blog i didn't put too much time into post editing let alone keep up with posting. But as time went on i realized i actually really enjoy photoshoots. [= I tell my boyfriend everytime "look! today would be a perfect day for a photoshoot" lol. He just looks at me and nods -___-" Hopefully when i get my dslr i'll be able to post more often.

On a side note, i bought another mint shirt to add to my collection of mint colour items. Although it was bought from forever 21 it has a vintage feel about it. Happy thursday everyone 

Forever 21 top & pleather leggings | Aldo heels & clutch | Asos necklace | Lylas bracelet