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I meant to post this yesterday but didn't get around to do so...It's been awhile since i've actually spent a sunday home, running errands and catching up with my bff. We spent about 3 hours filling each other in with juicy gossip over what we believe to be the best "asian tea restaurant meal" - ham & egg macaroni soup ^_^!! Best thing of all was that it was only $6 for the soup + toast + ice tea. Yay for cheap asian food.

As for my ootd, i recently (by impulse) bought these neon pumps and really wanted to wear them. They did seem pretty impractical being highlighter yellow but nonetheless i was determined to make good use out of them!

Say hi to my little pink octopus [=

Forever 21 skinny jeans | Aldo neon heels | Louis Vuitton speedy | Asos spike bracelet | Juicy Couture watch


  1. I love your spike bracelet! I think you pulled off the heels very well, and your 'cheap asian meal' sounds DELICIOUS!

  2. I love those neon heels there amazing.....go so well with the blue jeans!!

    Found you via the Blog Love Therapy blog hop - and followed xx

  3. This outfit is gorgeous! Those heels are fab! :)
    I found you through Blog Love Therapy blog hop, you have a lovely blog!

    Natasha Carly x

  4. Love your neon shoes!

    Sita xx

  5. Your neon heels is lovely ! It looks really good on you !

    And the pink octopus is so cute ! aha ;) xx

  6. Those jeans are amazing xxx
    Just found you through the blog therapy blog hop xx Its fab isnt it for finding lovely new blogs to read xx Would you like to follow each other ? xx

  7. woaah those pumps are bright, and sooo gorgeous! they look super pretty on you, i really wish i suited neon colours like that! :)xo


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