A little bit of lace

Being out of school for just over a year i must admit i really miss sewing. Although the thought of being in the sewing room for 3 days straight trying to finish your outfit before deadline doesn't seem that appealing i still kind of miss it....maybe just a little. haha. Well i've been slowly trying to get back into it inbetween work and you know, life. I've been pretty busy lately, but i've managed to make a lace skirt [=

Just a side note, from now on pieces that i make will be labeled as {j.yeoh}

It's always nice to be able to personalize things that you make

What i'm wearing:
- H&M chiffon top
- J.yeoh lace skirt
- Spring heels & clutch
- Juicy watch
- Everything 3 chain bracelet & 3 chain necklace
- Asos spike bracelet



  1. so talented Jeannie! I LOVE IT

    1. aww thanks sam. im thinking of a peplum skirt next [= been having a skirt fetish lately too

  2. That skirt is lovely! I wish I was able to make my own clothing!

  3. I love the little tag lol

  4. This outfit is absolutely pretty! The colours go well together!
    Um.. hii.. let's take a moment to look in awe at that skirt - you made that! It looks amazing! I love how you put a tag on it.
    Can we expect to see a clothing line from you going down the runways of Paris and Milan? :)



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