New York mini haul + Bluberi beauty bar

Every job has it's perks and with mine i got to go away for a few days!! Although that sounds pretty fun, my schedule was super packed with meetings and trend shopping. However, between work stuff i was able to squeeze in a bit of time for myself. [=

The Affinia hotel

Stumptown coffee!! definitely a place to drop by,
although im not a coffee drinker their cappucino was amazing

My mini haul:
Babydoll dress, victoria secret bikini & lotion,  stumptown coffee,
 benefits foundation, & i heart new york tee

On a side note, for those of you in toronto you might want to check out Bluberi beauty bar. I got my nails done there over the weekend, just look at the skill level of their nail artists!! I doubt i could ever do nail art like that ]=. But if you ever get a chance grab a couple of your girlfriends and give this place a try