Juicy Couture grand opening

So today i went to the shopping party at Juicy Couture to promo their grand opening at Eaton centre. They said it is their first full concept store and i have to say it looks amazing. The store is divided into three sections starting with purses and jewellery at the front. There is a lounge area in the middle and at the back end of the store is where (i assume, didn't get a chance to go see) you find their higher price line.  Everything from the wall decor to the placement of items is exquisite.

As a welcome gift we were given a gift card to spend at the store so of course i had to try on a couple of items. My favourite look was a cardigan paired with a silk tank and shorts. It was a really cute outfit but totally out of my price range; the total of the 3 items was about $400!! Instead, i chose a watch [= yay!! I had my eye on a marc jacobs one but i was quite disappointed when i tried it on in new york and the face was too big for my wrist; But this one was just perfect.

Overall, this is a great store to check out. They have lovely associates that are oh so fashionable and can dress you from head to toe 

I really wish i brought my camera, blackberry pictures just don't do justice

here's a close up of my watch. lol it still has the plastic on