"Day 20, 21 & 22"

Ok so i know i missed a few days but i've just had such a busy weekend that i just didn't get a chance to blog BUT i didn't forget about it tho. Here are the missed days all in one post except for day 19, figured you guys have seen enough photos of me already.

"Day 20: Photo of things that makes you happy"
Normally a very happy positive spirit i'd figured it'd be easy for me to do this post, however it was a bit more challenging than i thought. Why? because there are so many things in life that makes me happy so take a look. [=

Family, friends and my boyfriend are of course on the top of my list. They make everything in life worthwhile.

"Day 21: Something you crave a lot"
My true asian-ness - LOVE bubble tea

"Day 22: A photo of you as a child"

Me and my mom