Twenty Three.

Happy Birthday to Me

So when the clock strikes twelve six days into the new year i am proud to say that i've reached the age of 23. Like many i've experienced the challenges of life; had a few heart breaks, worked various part time jobs and recently survived the many years of education. I can say that without these ups and downs it wouldn't have mold me into who i am today. Not saying that im perfect (because no one really is) just saying that these events helped build some character.

So here's a little recap...

Growing up i was blessed to have a loving and supportive family. Given the opportunity to take almost any lessons possible ranging from swimming to skating, painting to gymnastics, mathematics to languages etc. i've picked up a few skills that helped me overcome a few bumps along the way. I went through school with an amazing group of friends whom luckily enough,some i still keep in touch with.

And now finally i graduated with a Fashion Design major, went on a 1 month journey reconnecting with family half way acrossed the world, lived a memorable week in Hong Kong, started this blog (heehee), started my first full time, and celebrated a milestone with a special someone here i am....2012 slowly piecing my life together.

Twenty-Three years old i am grateful to be alive; To have met people along the way that have made a difference. I am extremely thankful for my family, friends, and my readers (Quite frankly i initially started this blog for a job application which later blossomed to personal writing.) And so where do i go from here you ask? I'm finally going to take my own words that "age is nothing but a number" and continue to grow, learn and laugh at what lies ahead. Life is more fun with a few giggles.