"Day 7: Your dream wedding"

As much as i still believe in fairytales and all the perfect romantic moments in life believe it or not i don't actually have my dream wedding planned out. Even after working 4 years at a bridal boutique it didn't contribute to my special day. Did you know that on average weddings cost approx $35, 000? All i know is i want my wedding to be grand! hopefully a good budget of $75, 000 heehee. yes i better marry rich or start saving!! To me personally when it comes to a wedding, i think it is something that should be planned between me and my fiance keeping in mind that my opinions are more important.

Just because i don't have a solid dream wedding book to follow doesn't mean i don't have any idea. [= I would love for my wedding to tell a story, the story of our love life. How the princess found her prince charming (in my case, my charming prince) and how they end up living happily ever after. But don't worry, i'll keep you reader's posted when that day comes!!

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