"Day 4: Your favorite photograph of your best friend"

This is Amanda and she is one of my bestest friend in the world (ya i know i used bestest) but neways, our friendship goes wayyyy back....16 years to be exact. I still remember the day i met her, i was 7 and she was 6. Our parents were having a house gathering, this was my first time over at her house so i brought along my little stuff lion which i still have stashed away somewhere in my room.

16 years and counting we've grown to be quite similar but yet have each other's differences. I don't know how i would have overcome my difficult times without her ♥

p.s a little tribute to a good friend who also has his own blog @ (http://derrickfranciswong.blogspot.com/)

ahhahah this is for you derrick since you didnt send me a pic =P!!