"Day 16: What’s in your bag"

I was acutally really looking forward to this blog! heehee. I have hardly any upper arm strength so i try to keep my purse as light as possible. Also i constantly switch from one purse to another depending on my outfit or the occassion so it's less of a hassle if i have less stuff.

1. Louis Vuitton vernis wallet
2. Louis Vuitton pencil case which i use as my makeup case
3. Ipod touch with the cutest bun case from my sister
4. my keys
5. bliss hand cream
6. Blackberry bold
7. 2012 Agenda

The agenda is actually a recent addition to my purse. My schedule has gotten way too packed that i tend to stress myself out if i don't prioritize. And so that's basically about all that i carry, What's in your bag?