"Day 12: 15 Random Facts about you"

1. I am a lefty
2. I've kept a journal since i was 12, currently i am on journal #4
3. I love boxes
4. I have a soft heart and am a sucker for love
5. Me and my younger sister are 9 years apart
6. I have 7 piercings (although it seems like a crazy amount they are all on my ears; 4 on my left n 3 on my right)
7. I can't stand wet counters
8. The only time i eat blueberries is when they are on cheesecakes
9. I was born in Malaysia but immigrated to Canada when i was 6 month old
10. I have a scar under my lower lip
11. Happy faces make me smile
12. I am a tea drinker (green tea with honey is my favourite)
13. I was once allergic to chocolate
14. Dates and numbers are special to me
15. I am very talkative and can have a conversation about anything [=