A change from Toronto

So it's the end of the world they say?? well good thing i was able to do some shopping before this crisis occured, haha just kidding. So as i sit here in my room looking out my frosty window I hope oh so much that there will be little snowflakes to cover my roof top just in time for Christmas....and then i think back of how just last week i was in t-shirts and shorts crusing around in a convertiable.

The weather was so beautiful in Orlando, Florida and even though the christmas spirit was present with deocrations and christmas songs it felt nothing like it. I was so happy to be able to bring out my summer clothes again, and yes that's how a lot of Canadians feel when the winter weather hits; Any chance of not having to layer up is a win! On a side note you can also follow me on instagram now to see my daily adventures. Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas everyone 

my shepard's pie at the 3 broomsticks ^_^

Of course i had to do some shoppping and yes i am a HUGE harry potter fan ^_^

Not only is the weather in Orlando perfect for outdoor pictures they also have really nice photoshoot areas. I found this really cool graffiti wall for my background but i totally forgot to take a picture of the wall itself. Wish we had more of these in toronto that are more accessible.

Forever 21 top, shorts & moustache necklace | MK tote | JC plays | Asos bracelets

Mossing around

Ever have those days where you want to do something but really all you want to do is just moss around? Well it was Sunday, both my boyfriend and i were feeling the same way so we decided to try out the slr. Luckily for us it was pretty warm, wet but still warm enough for us to take pictures without having my winter jacket to cover up everything. ^_^

Personally next to black and navy, I love the versatility of oxblood. It is formal enough for the office but casual enough for a day like this. Also can you tell how much i love my JC plays?? heehee. The hidden heel gives me a little boost while still looking casual. The only thing i have to becareful about is that they have absolutely no grip at all! and trust me the wet weather we've been getting lately isn't helping. 

Aritzia lace top | Forever 21 blazer & leggings | Aldo purse | Asos bracelets | Little burgundy rings | JC sneakers

Mission: Black Friday Haul

Just a quick post about Black Friday!! Although i've never had the chance to experience black friday in the states (i heard it's pretty crazy) i think retailers did a pretty good job of bringing the experience up north to us canadians. This year was the first year where malls have even contributed to the high demand by extending their hours. Lucky for me, i work on top of a mall and of course could not pass up on a sale like this! I just simply went to work super early like all the other crazy shopaholics. Personally though, I thought that the sales could have been better but what can you do, a sales a sale. ^_^ and with that mentally i did however pick up a few things. [=

And this is why i love to collect shoe boxes ^_^

How was your black friday? Did you guys find any good deals?

Furry Days

Taking advantage of the little sun that we have this weekend, i pulled out my fur collar sweater. Not only is it super warm and cozy, everytime i wear this sweater it makes me feel like such a boss. haha, i'm kidding. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!

Juicy Couture sweater | Forever 21 skinny jeans | Aldo heels | Louis Vuitton Speedy

Where's my puppet master?

I've seem to have lost my puppet master...

After so many halloweens where i said that i wanted to be a puppet i finally pulled through with it this year. yay! ^_^ Even with all this rain that we've been getting here in Toronto i hope everyone is having a safe and happy Halloween.

Stay Classy

Birthdays are always fun, especially if it's a milestone one. For my boyfriend's surprise birthday dinner i went back to classics - red lips, vintage accessories and of course a little black dress.

Forever 21 LBD & necklace | Sam Edelman Lorissa | Vintage clutch & ring

Moving along

I really wanted to get these pictures in before the sun went down today since it was such a perfect day for a photoshoot...But there's nothing that a little post editing can't fix. heehee. I admit when i first started my blog i didn't put too much time into post editing let alone keep up with posting. But as time went on i realized i actually really enjoy photoshoots. [= I tell my boyfriend everytime "look! today would be a perfect day for a photoshoot" lol. He just looks at me and nods -___-" Hopefully when i get my dslr i'll be able to post more often.

On a side note, i bought another mint shirt to add to my collection of mint colour items. Although it was bought from forever 21 it has a vintage feel about it. Happy thursday everyone 

Forever 21 top & pleather leggings | Aldo heels & clutch | Asos necklace | Lylas bracelet

The Last Part

No matter how much we wish for summer to stick around longer we can't help but notice the shorter days and cooler mornings. Although fall is my least favourite season of the year i'm secretly excited for the cool weather. Layering outfits provides a bigger medium to play with, the mix and match of colour and different textures. I'm also super excited to start boot shopping again to add to my overflowing shoe closet. Heehee. What are you looking to add to your wardrobe this season??

Forever 21 dress | Michael Kors ring tote | Paprika booties | Juicy Couture watch | Asos bow ring | Expression knee highs

Doggy daycare + Harbour front

Frankie and i decided to take the dogs down to pawsway this weekend and also take a stroll around harbour front on a beautiful sunday. Pawsway is basically a dog/cat centre where you can learn about your dog, buy dog products and even train your little guy.

This was the first time we brought BOTH, yes i said BOTH dogs out. So let me just say that having one dog isnt as bad but for some reason when you have two it's like 50 times the work! It is as if they know to be bad together - they walk in zigzag and tangle themselves up, both of them fight to sit next to you, one chases anything that flies while the other pees everywhere. -_-" By the end of the day we were exhausted... and Frankie and i have decided that we are not taking the dogs out again, atleast not for a while.

It was really hot that day so i went with an orange maxi (that i made recently ^_^) and a mesh off the shoulder top. I can't believe summer is almost over ]= I hope everyone had an awesome weekend and thanks for reading 


Meet Happy 

J.yeoh maxi skirt | Buffalo off the shoulder | Mom's vintage necklace | Hibou sandals | Spring floral clutch

Close you & me

I meant to post this yesterday but didn't get around to do so...It's been awhile since i've actually spent a sunday home, running errands and catching up with my bff. We spent about 3 hours filling each other in with juicy gossip over what we believe to be the best "asian tea restaurant meal" - ham & egg macaroni soup ^_^!! Best thing of all was that it was only $6 for the soup + toast + ice tea. Yay for cheap asian food.

As for my ootd, i recently (by impulse) bought these neon pumps and really wanted to wear them. They did seem pretty impractical being highlighter yellow but nonetheless i was determined to make good use out of them!

Say hi to my little pink octopus [=

Forever 21 skinny jeans | Aldo neon heels | Louis Vuitton speedy | Asos spike bracelet | Juicy Couture watch

N.E.R.D mode

After being out of school for about a year now I actually am kind of sad that i won't be doing any back to school shopping this year. Shopping for school supplies was probably my favourite part - new notepads, pens, markers, binders and of course new clothes. I remember spending hours trying to decide what to wear the first day! This outfit definitely brings me back to the university days

Forever 21 necklace, tank & shorts | Topshop dress shirt | Longchamp bag | Neff watch (stolen from boyfriend) | Aldo slip ons

VELD music festival

So this maybe a little late but I hope everyone had an awesome long weekend, spent with either friends and/or family. I spent the past weekend celebrating my friend's birthday at VELD music festival. It was a 2 day event which consisted of various djs - my favourite were Steve aoki, Deadmau5 and Avicii. It was definitely an epic event with lots of neon and lots of love!!!

What did you guys do this long weekend?

Happy birthday Lover